Our Supported Projects

Sandals Foundation supports projects and programmes that lend to the development of local communities, educational initiatives and the environment within Saint Lucia.

Business Enthusiast Program

Designed to equip young St. Lucians eager of becoming entrepreneurs

InFlow Tennis

School programme that encourages youth development through a balance of education, sports and life skills

Tree Project

Helps to protect the endangered and culturally significant Lansan tree through public education and training for local tappers

Our Programs & Projects

Lansan tree project

The Lansan tree is an endangered species due to deforestation and over exploitation for its aromatic white resin. This partnership will see the protection and preservation of the Lansan which is unique to Saint Lucia and the Windward Islands.

From 2016 to 2018, The Foundation and The Foundation and Fauna & Floral Internatiotnal (FFI) are partnering, with the help of the local Forestry Department, to provide training for 50-150 individuals from rural communities. These individuals (Tappers) will be provided with equipment, licenses and allotted trees to utilize.

The initiative will also look to benefit traders and thousands of consumers of the Lansan tree by ensuring that the product is both lawful and sustainable. In addition, at least a dozen St. Lucia Forestry Department staff will also receive training and guidance from FFI in mentoring, analysis and management skills.