We encourage children to reach for greatness by providing them with the resources and tools they need and creating environments where they will flourish.

“The Sandals Foundation inspires hope. They have always followed through on their commitments and they have helped to instill in me the idea that as long as there is a chance, hard work can turn dreams into reality.”

Chevelle Blackburn, ‘Care for Kids’ Scholarship Recipient

Dreamers reimagine the future and redefine possibility. They create new ideas and challenge the status quo. They are our children. The Sandals Foundation is establishing initiatives that are transforming their dreams into reality.


Our Programs & Projects

School Upgrades

Buildings, classrooms, access to technology, and educational resources are key elements of holistic learning environments and are of crucial importance to creating well rounded students.

Donation Resources

We understand the importance of having the necessary resources to support student learning and increase student success. From computers to literacy materials, we commit to providing our supported schools with the adequate tools to facilitate the best learning environment. 

School Literacy Programs

Literacy is one of the most important skills when it comes to the personal and educational development of our children through in-school programs like Project Sprout and partnership with SuperKids, we are working to provide teachers and students with the tools and framework to maximize their potential.