The School of

Businesss Entrepreneur

The School of Business Entrepreneur (TSOBE) program, supported by the Sandals Foundation is an initiative founded as a response to the nation’s increasing unemployement rate and the it’s effect on young people.


The initiative’s ‘Business Enthusiast 101’ course is designed for 15 to 30-year-olds with the hope of encouraging entrepreneurship and instilling values necessary for attaining sustainable success.

Over the span of 20 days, participants engage in comprehensive workshops that cover topics such as financial planning, marketing strategy, business licensing, social responsibility, and customer service, among others.

In the programme’s short lifespan, it has seen unprecedented success.


I want my business to contribute something to society. The program has helped me not only to plan the start of my business, but also lay the right platform for sustained growth.

Talisha Decembre
Owner, Sweet Sacrifice

TSOBE offers a 20-day programme with workshops covering:

  • Developing an Entrepreneurial Mindset
  • Personal Development
  • Importance of Technology
  • Business Licensing
  • Customer Service & Team Building
  • Business Development Planning
  • Finance & Marketing
  • Social Responsibility & Sustainability




Many students in St. Lucia graduate from secondary and tertiary institutions with an enthusiasm to enter the business world, only to find that there are a lack of available jobs or they do not meet the skills required to qualify. Finding a job is not the only avenue for growth. Help entrepenueur’s create something important.