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Projects using the power of tourism to transform Caribbean communities and improve lives.

Using the power of hope and love to transform communities and improve lives

In its simplest form, to inspire is defined as the action or power of moving intellect or emotions. We, the Sandals Foundation, believe that the action of inspiring hope is a force that can move mountains.

The Sandals Foundation is a non-profit organization launched in March 2009 to help Sandals Resorts International continue to make a difference in the Caribbean. All costs associated with administration and management is supported by Sandals International so that 100% of every dollar donated goes directly towards funding impactful and meaningful initiatives within the key areas of Education, Community and Environment.

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Empower Lives

We create and endorse initiatives that engage and inspire people through skills training, sports, health initiatives which help to tackle complex social issues head-on to strengthen communities.


Encourage Dreams

We provide both children and adults with essential tools such as scholarships, supplies, technology, literacy programmes, mentorship and teach training to help them reach their full potential.


Cultivate Tomorrow

We promise to raise environmental awareness, develop effective conservation practices and teach future generations how to care for their communities to our precious Islands and their resources.

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  • bahamas|
  • education|
  • January 2023
Sandals Foundation revamps digital learning

As part of its continued effort to increase digital literacy across the Caribbean, Sandals Foundation has made a significant investment into the computer lab and facilities of the Roker’s Point Primary School, Exuma.

The improvements include an expansion to the existing computer lab, the addition and outfitting of a library, installation of 12 computers, an air-conditioning unit, and the installation of the required electrical wiring to support its use.

Karen Zacca, operations director at Sandals Foundation, said it was important for Sandals Resorts International’s charitable arm to support learning through the project.

“Many Caribbean families do not have access to the internet, computers, or digital devices, limiting their children’s exposure to technology,” said Zacca. “If students have access to these digital devices at school during their formative years, they will receive supervised guidance, be empowered to use technology, and experience enhanced forms of interactive learning while developing basic digital literacy skills that will prepare them for the future.”

Vanessa Penn, Roker’s Primary School principal, said the investment in the computer lab will improve teaching and learning.

“This project is expected to have a significant impact on teaching and learning at Roker’s Point Primary School and will teach students the fundamentals of computer hardware and software, as well as their specific functionality,” said Penn.

Throughout the academic year, some 70 students ages four to six are set to benefit from the use of the renovated space.

Sandals Foundation and Sandals Emerald Bay Resort have been supporters of education and community development on Exuma, donating to a number of schools and youth sports programs. 

Since 2011, the organizations have been assisting students at Roker’s Point Primary School and across the islands in their holistic development by providing educational supplies, new playgrounds, water, sanitation and hygienic stations, and the opportunity for Sandals Resorts guests to interact with the students through the Reading Road Trip program with Island Routes.

  • turks & caicos|
  • education|
  • January 2023
Educational Aids Strengthen Learning Experience for Provo Students

PROVIDENCIALES, Turks & Caicos Islands: Scores of students in Providenciales will benefit from back-to-school supplies donated by Sandals Foundation Ambassadors at Beaches Turks and Caicos resort, strengthening the instructional process in four schools at the start of the new school term.

More than 2,000 students from Ianthe Pratt, Enid Capron, Oseta Jolly and the Thelma Lightbourne Primary Schools were presented with a generous supply of educational materials including notebooks, pens, pencils, rulers, sharpeners, knapsacks, reading material, sports gear and musical instruments from members of the philanthropic arm of the family all-inclusive resort. While sharing the gratitude for the gifts received, the leaders at the various institutions lauded the efforts of the more than 20 volunteers on hand.

Neekimo King, Principal of the Ianthe Pratt Primary School shared, “Beaches Turks and Caicos and the Sandals Foundation over the years have adopted our institution as their own. These reading books will go a far way in increasing our library stock and improving literacy among the students while the physical education and the guidance counseling units have received lots of materials to bolster the learning experience for our students.”

Sophia Garland, Principal of the Enid Capron Primary School was equally elated as she expressed how beneficial resources will be for the teaching and learning process.

“These supplies, including the books, will definitely aid in increasing literacy amongst the students and the many teaching aids that we have been received will create an environment that is conducive for teaching and learning.”

In sharing with the schools, James McAnally, General Manager at Beaches resort noted, “Sandals Foundation and the resort remain committed to the development of the education of our children, the environment and the communities in which we operate. These four government operated primary schools were identified for these supplies to help in fostering their academic and extra-curricular growth.”

McAnally continued, “A big thank you to the Sandals Foundation Ambassadors who came out and helped with making these distributions possible.”

Vice principal of the Oseta Jolly Primary School, Diana Dean, also expressed gratitude noting, “With these tools, I am sure the students will be excited about learning and the teachers will be better equipped to deliver the lessons.”

The Sandals Foundation and Beaches Turks and Caicos Resort have long been supporters of education and community development in Turks and Caicos, donating to a number of schools and youth sports programmes. Since 2011, the organisations have been assisting students at Ianthe Pratt, Enid Capron Primary Schools and other schools across the islands in their holistic development by providing educational supplies and the opportunity for Sandals and Beaches resorts guests to meaningfully engage with the students through a weekly literacy enhancement programme, hosted in partnership with Island Routes Tours – Reading Road Trip.

  • jamaica|
  • community|
  • January 2023
Air Canada Vacations partners with Sandals Foundation to aid teen moms

Air Canada Vacations has reaffirmed its commitment to the island, staging its first senior executives and agents' junket since the COVID-19 pandemic, at Sandals Royal Caribbean in Montego Bay.

The series of workshops and excursions, held recently, also saw the company making the first of several donations of personal hygiene items, plush toys, and mother and baby welfare supplies to the Sandals Foundation for distribution to the island's vulnerable teen mothers.

"We are so happy to be back in Jamaica and it's such a privilege to bring supplies for children and teen moms to assist in their everyday lives," said an upbeat Tracey Bellamy, director of Air Canada's sales and global account. "We are aware of the hardships facing teenage mothers and it's very meaningful for us here as a team at Air Canada."

Lauding the work of the Sandals Foundation and its partnership with Air Canada, Senior Manager Regional Sales Air Canada group, Edna Ray, said her company was proud to be teaming up with the Sandals Foundation to assist the needs in Jamaica. "There is sincerity in everything you do at the Sandals Foundation, and we just want to be a small part of that in assisting you."

Ray said the workshop "provided a wonderful opportunity to incorporate the donation and to share with the new agents and those who have never been to Jamaica the charm, honesty and kindness that resides here on the island and in Jamaicans".

Accepting the gracious donation on behalf of the Sandals Foundation, Sandals Regional Public Relations Coordinator for Montego Bay Ashley Simms thanked the Air Canada Vacations team, noting that the items would be of great assistance.

"The challenges facing teenage mothers are immense and can often be overwhelming. Every act of kindness to this vulnerable group of young women is an injection of hope that they are loved and supported in their needs. On behalf of the teen mothers across the island, I want to thank you for using this business trip to assist local charities," Simms said.

Through its Women Helping Others Achieve (WHOA) programme, the Sandals Foundation provides skills training, continued education, mentorship, and tools to help teen mothers find inspiration and strength to provide for the needs of their families and to transform their lives.

  • jamaica|
  • education|
  • January 2023
Donated fans bring relief for Broughton Primary

IN continuing its support for local schools and ensuring they are more conducive to learning, Sandals Foundation ambassadors from Sandals and Beaches Negril resorts recently donated fans to the Broughton Primary School in Westmoreland.

In welcoming the donation, Principal Marva Clarke said it came at a well-needed time and will improve the learning conditions in the classrooms.

According to Clarke, the school of more than 256 students has been facing a prolonged challenge of humid classrooms and that the uncomfortable classrooms have proven to be a hindrance to learning.

"The Broughton Primary School has had an exceptional relationship with the Sandals Foundation for many years; we are grateful for the recent donation of fans as the classrooms are extremely hot and this has made concentration and learning difficult for many of our students. The fans will alleviate the heat issue and create a better learning and teaching environment for our students and teachers, respectively," said Clarke.

In the meantime, parent Kimberely Williams said she was grateful for the donation from the Sandals Foundation and that this has impacted the students including her son in a positive way.

"The recent donation of fans benefited the students a lot; they are better able to focus in their classes, especially after being out in the hot sun during recess. This has brought a significant change for the students who may have health issues that are triggered by the heat.

"My son who has eczema is less focused when he is hot and with the new fans, his quality of work has improved and has expressed that he is more comfortable and less fussy," said Williams.

As the philanthropic arm of Sandals and Beaches resorts, the Sandals Foundation says it is committed to facilitating the development of quality education in Jamaica and the Caribbean by upgrading school infrastructure, investing in learning resources and providing skills training for educators.

"Light, ventilation and the organisation of classrooms play an active role in the ability of students to stay alert, open and excited about learning," said Patrice Gilpin, public relations manager at the Sandals Foundation.

"By eliminating factors that impeded comfort, teachers and students can enjoy the learning process — gaining more from the experience," added Gilpin.



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