Sandals Foundation Strengthens Schools’ Reopening with Sanitation Conveniences and Back to School Aid
Turks & Caicos

Some one thousand students at the Ianthe Pratt Primary School and Clement Howell High Schools will benefit from brand new handwashing stations and improved sanitization conveniences thanks to an investment of just under US $12,000 from the Sandals Foundation.

On Monday, April 12, hundreds of students began a phased return to “in person” classes for the first time in over a year. The philanthropic organization was keen to help strengthen the health and safety measures within the learning institutions to meet the hygienic needs of students, parents and educators alike.

“We are very delighted to see the phased return of students to the physical classrooms but we are also very cognizant that there will be need for enhanced sanitation facilities to help ease the anxieties that may come along with that,” said Heidi Clarke, Executive Director at the Sandals Foundation, “These newly added resources, we hope, will help bring a sense of comfort to the minds of parents as they will be assured their children are able to access the necessary facilities to practice proper hygiene”.

With the Ministry of Works partnering to conduct the installations, the Ianthe Pratt Primary School saw the injection of 3 pedal and 3 knee operated handwashing stations, 10 sanitizers and 6 soap dispensers. While at the Clement Howell High School, students will now have access to 5 pedal operated hand wash stations, 5 soap dispensers and 35 sanitizers.

Principal at the Ianthe Pratt Primary School, Ms. Neekimo King in commenting on the impact of the new infrastructure stated, “This contribution by the Sandals Foundation has helped to create a feeling of comfort around the school compound. The installations of these sanitizations fixtures make it more convenient for our staff and students to practice good hygiene which is essential in the fight against Covid-19”.

Ms. Kadean Cunningham, Principal at the Clement Howell High School, says the new sanitation infrastructure will help to enhance the COVID-19 protocols on the school compound for both staff and students now that they are fully returned to face to face classes.

“The staff and students now have the option of washing hands in different areas on the compound and sanitizing throughout the day as all rooms now have sanitizing machines.  At Clement Howell High, we promote the mantra during this time that safety is our number one priority and we are elated that Sandals Foundation has partnered with us, yet again, to continue to fulfil this goal. We are profoundly grateful and look forward to more collaboration as we strengthen our programmes and initiatives as we journey to excellence,” stated Ms. Cunningham.

In the meantime, and as part of its continued investment into the island’s education infrastructure, the Sandals Foundation also helped to deck close to 100 children with new school supplies in time for the new school term.

Ninety-one students received fully stacked backpacks on April 10 at the Lower Bight Basketball Courts in the Bight community from Sandals Foundation ambassadors at Beaches Turks and Caicos Resort.

General Manager at Beaches TCI, James McAnally says the activity was aimed at helping to relieve parents of what can sometimes be overwhelming costs associated with the start of a new school term.

“This has been a tough year for families right across the world and for us, as a Caribbean company, we knew there would be areas of need that we could support. It is our duty to do what we can to mobilize our resources as we all navigate these unique times,” said McAnally.

In March, the Sandals Foundation celebrated 12 years of service, investing in the region’s communities, education and the environment.