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Ninth Annual Trike-a-thon to also benefit Princess Margaret Hospital Children’s Ward

Nassau, March 2019 - Over 300 children from three schools across Nassau have taken to the street today for the 9th annual St Jude’s Trike-a-thon, a highly successful fundraising event to support research into pediatric cancer and other catastrophic childhood illnesses through the St. Jude Children Research Hospital.  This year’s event will also benefit the Princess Margaret Hospital Children’s Ward. The Sandals Foundation, which has sponsored the event for eight of its nine staging, recently committed US$14,000 toward assisting the hospital’s Children Ward.

Sandals Foundation Executive Director, Heidi Clarke said the Foundation’s longstanding commitment to supporting this fundraising event rests heavily in the life-changing work that the St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital does in treating and developing cures for children across the world.

“We are very proud to be affiliated with a charity dedicated to making a difference in people’s lives through access to health care. At the Sandals Foundation, we have always believed that adequate health care is one of the major pillars of ensuring the holistic development of our people, especially our children and we have always seen this a critical area to work across the region” Clarke said.

She continued, “Not only is this event supporting research worldwide through the St. Jude Hospital, this year we have extended it to help provide medical equipment to the Princess Margaret Hospital right here in the Bahamas. The Foundation has committed US$14,000 provide medical equipment to the hospital and this event will go a far way in strengthening that cause.”

The Foundation, which this month [March 18] marked its 10th anniversary, has played an active role across the Caribbean to improve access to and the provision of critical services to residents. The Sandals Foundation has provided medical equipment to several hospitals in Jamaica and Antigua, provided resources to train critical health care professionals and is a catalyst donor for the SickKids Caribbean initiative, committing to donate US$600,000 over five years to provide treatment for children living with various cancers and blood disorders.

“This is a very important event supporting a very important mission and it would not have been possible without our supporters. I must thank the amazing team of volunteers from Sandals Royal Bahamian for giving of their time to help put this event together and make it all happen for the children once again,” Clarke said.

The event is also supported by the National Sports Authority that provided the space for the event, the Bahamas National Waste and Starbucks.