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St. Ann’s Bay Pharmacy now open

St. Ann's Bay Pharmacy now open

The St. Ann’s Bay Regional Hospital (SABRH) is the only facility officially offering essential in-patient care in St. Ann and the institution was only able to afford to offer the minimum standard of health care delivery. With the help of corporate citizens a private wing was constructed which over time experienced deterioration in its infrastructure and its capacity to adequately support the necessary operations of the hospital.

In time the management and staff had to simply make do with the space that was available which resulted in various rooms were being utilized to host parts of the pharmacy department and both the in-patient and out -patient facilities struggled to provide the bare minimum of needed care.

It was determined that the solution to the problem, so that all patients and staff would have a facility that would be able to serve their needs with dignity, would be the phased reconstruction of the original pharmacy block that had fallen into disrepair.

This would not only allow for the restoration of a full service unit of the pharmacy creating additional space, but also a medical unit that would serve the mission of the facility to its patients to whom it offers health care, both Jamaicans and visitors to our shores.

The Sandals Foundation through its partnership with Panasonic extended their support to the St Ann’s Regional Health Authority and the Hospital in particular, with the objective that funds would be raised to support this very worthwhile cause.

Thanks to great partners, we were able to successfully stage the Panasonic Golf Tournament in 2011 which has aided the restoration project at the Hospital.