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Sandals Foundation, Barbuda Council Rehabilitate Holy Trinity Primary School in US$50,000 Undertaking

Codrington August 29, 2018 – The Holy Trinity Primary School in Barbuda is currently undergoing full renovation works with the generous support of the Sandals Foundation, which had committed to sustained recovery support to the hurricane ravished island.

All three schools in Barbuda were damaged by Hurricane Irma last September. As a result, most of the children from the sister-isle were transferred to educational facilities in Antigua.

The US$50,000 (EC$135,000) exercise at the Holy Trinity Primary School, is being undertaken in partnership with the school’s principal and teachers, the Barbuda council and the Sandals Foundation. Some 270 children stand to benefit from its completion.

The works began earlier this month and the school will be the fourth in the Caribbean that the Sandals Foundation has helped to recover post hurricane Irma.

The Foundation’s work in assisting Barbuda began immediately after the storm had passed in 2017, with the company’s leaders committing considerable private and other resources and aid to the island. In September of that year, the Foundation presented backpacks and assorted school items to 150 deserving Barbudan children and committed since then to aiding in the island’s school system recovery.

Sandals Foundation Executive Director Heidi Clarke said, “As a Caribbean company, and more so a Caribbean Foundation, it is important that we continue to inspire hope in the lives of those who need it most.” Clarke is scheduled to be in Barbuda for the official opening of the facility along with General Manager of Sandals Grande Antigua Mr. Matthew Cornall.

Foundation funding for the renovations are being pumped directly into the procurement and transfer of the necessary materials needed through local hardware store in Antigua, Dews Hardware, while the Barbuda Council handles all labour related needs through its own Public Works Construction.

The council’s Chairman, Wayde Burton, said, “The Barbuda Council and Barbudans as a whole are very grateful for your Foundation’s interest and contribution… it will go a long way in getting us back to normalcy.”

He added, “we are (still) pushing to have the school functional for the September semester.”

The Barbuda Council officially wrote to the Sandals Foundation on August 3, 2018, requesting assistance with the project. It was approved and funding made available accordingly.

“As more and more children return home, the Barbuda Council saw the urgent need to commence the repairs and rebuilding process of the Primary School for the upcoming school year in September 2018. This left us with a serious mandate to commence and complete the building stage of the school with an alarming timeframe,” the Council wrote to the Foundation.

All works are scheduled to be completed towards the end of September 2018.