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Adopted Schools Program

Creating suitable environments to promote learning

Across the Caribbean, our resorts have adopted a total of 26 schools in nearby communities.

Sandals Resorts International has reached out to schools in the communities for years.  We have assisted with treats, teacher training, minor maintenance and helping to pay bills.  With the establishment of the Sandals Foundation, the goal is now to bring our schools to a much better standard so that young minds can flourish.

Most of the schools that have been adopted by the Sandals Foundation are schools which are extremely deprived and therefore have needs in most areas.   The actual school buildings, safety, teacher training, basic infrastructure, including water and supplies such as books, computers and sports equipment, are all areas of need.

Each one of our schools has been audited in April 2009.  After assessing the most important areas of need we are beginning the task to make change.   Our mission is to make all of them a place where the students, parents and the staff can be proud of and that may even create some great future leaders.

Donation of educational material and equipment such as computers to aid the learning process

Team Members taking the time to effect needed repairs at one of our adopted schools