An introduction to coral nurseries and coral outplanting, designed to familiarize divers with the basic skills, knowledge, procedures and enjoyment of propagating corals in underwater nurseries and outplanting them on suitable reefs.

  • Participate in coral reef restoration
  • Must be PADI Open Water (or equivalent) certified
  • 1 Classroom Learning Session on coral reef ecology, coral nurseries, and coral outplanting
  • 2 Open Water Dives to learn and perform skills:
    - Clean and maintain a coral nursery
    - Collect coral fragments for outplanting
    - Outplant coral fragments on the reef
  • Funds provide equipment, training and support for local fisherfolk engaged in establishing and maintaining coral nurseries.

coral in the Caribbean


In the 1980’s, a deadly coral disease killed over 95% of the Caribbean’s Elkhorn and Staghorn coral colonies. These fast-growing branching corals once dominated the shallow reefs of the Caribbean. The few that survived are more resistant to diseases, but their low numbers and widespread distribution are hindering their natural recovery.


Coral reefs are one of the most biodiverse ecosystems in the world, holding 25% of known marine life on our planet. They play an important role in protecting our coastlines from storms and swells, providing shelter for fish, lobsters and countless other species, and supporting the fishing and tourism industries.


Growing and propagating these more resilient corals in coral nurseries, as a form of assisted recovery, is now seen as a regional priority.

sandals foundation Coral Nursery In Saint Lucia

  • The Saint Lucia Coral Restoration initiative is a public-private partnership implemented by CLEAR Caribbean and the Sandals Foundation. Supporting partners: Caribbean Aqua-Terrestrial Solutions programme (CATS) - funded by the German Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and implemented by the Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA) and the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ). - The Department of Fisheries, Government of Saint Lucia - Soufriere Marine Management Association (SMMA) - Saint Lucia Dive Association (ANBAGLO)
  • In 2017 we established coral nurseries inside Saint Lucia’s largest marine protected area, the Soufriere Marine Management Area. Within the nurseries, approximately two thousand fragments of Elkhorn and Staghorn coral are propagated and grown.
  • Weekly maintenance of the coral nurseries is done by a small dive shop (Action Adventure Divers) and local fishers who have been trained and who are paid by the project.
  • After about 8 to 9 months in the nurseries, the corals are planted on the reef to help restore the marine ecosystem.
  • Your contribution will help support and expand our coral restoration efforts in Saint Lucia.