Children are the faces of our future and the Sandals Foundation, the philanthropic arm of Sandals Resorts International, is committed to supporting the educational needs of children across Jamaica. When you donate to our Care for Kids Program, by buying a brick in your name, you give children the chance to reach their highest potential.

They are often invisible, socially excluded and deprived of their human and God given rights as citizens. They are our children, and in Jamaica they are a third of the population. They make up just over 40 per cent of Jamaicans living in poverty. One out of four children lives in abject poverty. Most of these vulnerable children, often a part of single parent households, live in rural communities.

Their experience is characterized by poor health and nutrition, overcrowding, unsafe water supply and sanitation systems. Where they do have access to education, the quality of the experience – particularly for those in rural Jamaican communities – is hampered by their parents' low income and their inability to afford meal costs. The children must often walk long arduous distances to a school facility that is below acceptable national standards.

The Sandals Foundation recognizes and accepts its responsibility to do what it must, through socially responsible investments, to improve the educational experience and overall livelihood of our Jamaican children. We want to partner with you to build child safe schools that will afford our children an opportunity to experience a social, spiritual and physical experience through education, guaranteeing them hope for the future. We ask for your partnership to build a wall of HOPE through your donation to secure an engraved brick in your name as a sign of your commitment and support of our children.