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As the CEO of Sandals Resorts International I am afforded the opportunity to travel the Caribbean and the world. I see opportunities every day of life, I see a chance to make differences in people’s lives and help play a major part in global sustainability through our region, the Caribbean.

Right now, as the world goes through economic turmoil, the corporate world is having a tough time to exist. If times are tough for us – what chance do our communities stand? Our dedication to being the good neighbors and citizens we believe it’s our duty to be, does not waiver or falter – whether times are tough or not. We have stood side by side with and for our extended families – our communities.

I learnt from an early age that the playing field is not always equal and that we all have a responsibility – as individuals, as companies, as communities and nations to do what we can to help each other no matter where we are in life.

We receive countless requests pleading for help everyday and we help wherever possible. But it is so frustrating to know that we can’t do it all.

By putting the power of our organization behind the Sandals Foundation I know we can meet more need. I believe we can pull people together from all walks of life and businesses to help put a dent in the problems faced by the Caribbean.

Most of all the Sandals Foundation can make a difference in the lives of thousands – and that’s an opportunity we cannot afford to miss.


Adam Stewart

President, Board of Directors, Sandals Foundation                                                     CEO, Sandals Resorts International